About me

„I want to give changing impulses to increase resilience. -
We have to celebrate life!"

Mechthild Rex-Najuch

Since I am able to think consciously, I live the balance between science, ancient healing practices and spirituality. This can also mean dealing with topics like consciousness and perception. The boundaries between the two are fluid and I see myself as someone who bridges this gap.

One of my favorite visions is to be a writer. As a child it was part of my life vision and in my youth it became my secret passion. In my reality, all things are connected, so it’s not surprising when I say:

"Everything I do, is mutually inspiring."

I want to touch people and share something with them. My wish is to interact and exchange with those I connect with.

It's all about authenticity - on all levels. As a visionary I search for and walk newly found paths.

Writing is a part of my identity. I want to give impulses through my words.

Sharing through speaking
Due to many years of experience, I anticipate processes in front of my inner eye and work in a goal oriented manner. Instead of holding monologues, I anticipate an exchange with my listeners.
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Giving impulses as an author
Transporting discoveries and wisdoms in the form of stories is as old as mankind itself. Sometimes there’s no way around telling an entire story to highlight a fundamental difference that wouldn’t become clear otherwise.

Inspiring as a visionary
I search for and follow new paths, not differentiating between scientifically based-, holistic-, intuitive- or creative work. Ultimately, it’s about exploring life visions - those of my clients and my own.

Oft werde ich gefragt, wie meine Methode heißt, die, mit der ich täglich Menschen in meiner Praxis unterstütze. Diese Frage ist zunächst gar nicht so einfach zu beantworten, vor allem, weil ich gar nicht in Methoden denke. Grundsätzlich bin ich nur präsent, schaue, was notwendig ist und was davon ich tun kann. Ich habe viele Methoden gelernt. Jede hat ihren Wert und jede Methode ist zunächst Theorie mit praktischen Werkzeugen.
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