"I bridge the gap between natural medicine and science.
I inspire to lead a holistic and conscious life."

MAONO - The vision

MAONO is about exploring life visions - those of my clients and my own. I always followed my own visions, no matter how challenging they were. In the end it’s about authenticity on all levels.

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My Practice & KAVIE

My treatment connects alternative therapy with scientific methods. I accommodate to my patients' needs entirely. I practice minimally invasive and maximally effective.

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Alternative Therapien und wissenschaftliche Methodik füge ich in meiner Behandlung zusammen. Ich stelle mich ganz auf die Bedürfnisse meiner Patienten ein und arbeite dabei minimal invasiv und maximal effektiv.

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Praxis & Kavie


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What is my goal? What's my motivation for writing? How do I want to live? In this short video, I answer these questions.

"Once I leave this earth, I want to be able to say: I have touched many people's lives."

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