"If I ever leave this earth, I would like to be able to say: I have touched many people."

Mechthild Rex-Najuch

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Rose-Colored Areas

About Rose-Colored Areas and Frameworks. A plea for something new that's easy to create in everyday life.
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Corona - A State of Fear

I am coming across the “corona panic” everywhere. Initially, I wanted to write an informative newsletter that clarifies things.
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"...damit leben lernen?"

...learning to live with it? This Blog Post exists in German only. You can find it here
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Herbal and Energetic Medicine

Substitution is the replenishment of the body's own nutrient pool, on which every body depends...
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Healing Hands

Contributing to the healing process with one's hands has been common practice since the beginning of time - and it is only natural. Everybody knows the initial reaction of touching...
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Creative Dialogues - How a story originates

Creative dialogues have always been close to my heart - whether in combination with dance,...
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Energetic medicine and Consciousness

The medicine of the future will have to do without the separation of body and soul, energy...
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Providing proper support is ...

What makes a good consultation and what’s needed to provide proper support? This question has haunted me for a long time and eventually...
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Luc & Dalia 1: A Suitcase Remains

Almost silently the last night train left the station. The platform was empty, except for a single man. He had lit a cigarette and stared.....
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Violetta and the Stork

Sleepily she padded across the cold kitchen floor with her bare feet. What she needed now was a cup of tea. Black. With rock sugar. The twilight ...
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Violetta and the Stork - Part 2

Slowly the tea ran down her throat. Warm and cozy, that’s what she needed now. She rubbed her feet together. Dreamily she realized...
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Luc & Dalia 2: Undying Hope

Luc heard her breathing. Silence. “Dalia?”, he murmured. Dalia heard his familiar voice and her heart skipped a beat. Torn between...
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My passion for writing

In my reality, all things are connected, so it is no surprise when I say that everything I do fertilizes each other. A good healer is a storyteller.
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Rethinking Stress 2: Human Isolation

Stress Then vs. Stress Now. Why our bodies react the way they do to certain stressors.

Aus einem kreativen Dialog entsteht eine fabelhafte Geschichte - Violetta und der Storch 1

Aus einem kreativen Dialog entsteht eine fabelhafte Geschichte - Violetta und der Storch 2

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I aspire to inspire people.
I want to connect and create a space for more self-sufficiency.

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