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In my reality, all things are connected, so it is no surprise when I say that everything I do fertilizes each other.
A good healer is a storyteller. People have always passed on their knowledge through stories: Conveying knowledge and wisdom through stories is as old as mankind itself. And then there is the imagination, which interferes uninvited and cannot be ignored. If I have a simple form to formulate such insights, then I do. Otherwise it can become a short story, a poem, a fable or even a novel.
Sometimes there is no other way than telling a whole story to bring out a significant difference that otherwise simply won't become clear.
Inventing characters is easy for me, because they introduce themselves to me and I decide whether their intensity is interesting enough for me to follow them. Often they run in the background of my reality and comment on what happens in their own way. And then comes the part when the character has to be convincing or credible and comprehensible. That's where the real work begins.
Since my teenage years I have been writing and picking up my texts, at least the ones I like. Before that I only told my stories. My vision at the time was: When I'm old, that is, when I'm about 40, I'll be a book author. I saw myself sitting at a lake with my grandfather's old Olympic typewriter typing. I would put up with the holes at the O and the up-slipped H, although they both annoyed me.
Under no circumstances did I want to have to live from my creativity, because I was afraid I would not be able to cope with the pressure. In my early 40s I was asked to write a textbook. Writing on popular demand had never been part of my plan. But I thought: Take the chance and see what happens, and so I accepted the challenge.
This is in line with my idea that life is always trying to fulfill my wishes. Maybe not always in the way I imagine, but if I pay close attention, I can't miss anything. It didn't stop at this textbook and I began to publish more naturally.
Over the years I understood that it is not worthwhile for me to postpone my creativity to a when then there is time for it. I have understood that writing is simply part of my identity. So for decades I have had books in which I write my thoughts and ideas, every day a few lines or more. Finally, my first novel was published in 2018.
My characters are usually fictitious, fiction. And yet every event can become an inspiration without mutating into a re-narration.
I invite you to watch my characters grow in my blog and via my newsletter and to participate.

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For decades I have owned notebooks in which I write my thoughts and ideas, a few lines every day, sometimes more. I want to share the creation process and the resulting stories with you.

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