Violetta and the Stork - Part 2

Slowly the tea ran down her throat. Warm and cozy, that’s what she needed now.

She rubbed her feet together. Dreamily she realized, how her feet gleamed in a light pink color, too. Beautiful feet.

Was it the feet or the pink that made up the color? And wouldn’t it be great to create a world entirely in pink? While the thought started possessing her, she looked at her small, shabby kitchen, which now seemed enchanted.

Her eyes wandered back to the package she had put back towards the edge of the table. While it had seemed big and a little messy before, it now was small, compact and very inviting, truly beautiful. Her gaze wandered to the bow. This pink bow, unbelievably girly. But how had the package come into her kitchen? She couldn’t remember. And hadn’t there just been two more letters on the edge of the package? Where had they gone? Had she only imagined it? But she had seen them, and the package was still in her kitchen. That was real. All that was real.

She would love to open the package and see what was in it, but two reasons kept her from it:

First, she didn’t know if it was right to open it.

And second, would the magic remain?

Pensively, she looked at the floor, and as she did, she remembered what the truth was.

The truth was that she didn’t dare take a single step. Every step could be a wrong one. But wasn’t a wrong step better than none at all? Who had told her that? While she still pondered that question, the pretty pink floor changed, turned into round pebble stones that unexpectedly turned into glass splinters. Every step would be a cut.

She concentrated and brought her feet to safety, hiding them on the seat under her skirt. Flying would be safe. Exactly, she ought to be able to fly.

With her eyes closed, she saw herself levitating above the kitchen floor. Well, levitating would at least be a start, a first step towards freedom. A laugh emerged from her warm throat. In that moment, her world changed.

Quickly she opened her eyes. Indeed, she was floating. In the middle of her kitchen, and from there she could see everything from a new perspective. Everything was upside down, below was above and above was below. All the important things seemed insignificant to her.

What kind of magic was that? Her very own or that of the pink light?

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