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What makes a good consultation and what’s needed to provide proper support? This question has haunted me for a long time and eventually I found an answer. There are many theories and practical strategies but there is only one answer to the question that always applies:

Providing proper support is when I manage to not leave someone feeling lonely.

This almost trivial insight carries weight and challenges me anew, every day. Many people associate a consultation with tips, tricks, and advice that will help them to navigate or follow new paths in their lives. Every piece of advice delivers a punch - a desired one - but one that has impact nonetheless. After having practiced for almost more than three decades, I have inevitably come to the conclusion that punches never really help, but rather promote the avoidance strategies of the individual.

Because: Punches don’t replace personal decisions and without the later a life that’s viewed as desirable, can’t be lived. So I am a mirror, a reflective surface, in the truest sense. Always searching for individually bearable solutions, I offer personally adjustable strategies that can help with getting oriented. Besides the search for resources and resilience, one’s own power of resistance, I offer impulses that lead towards antifragile growth. Meaning the kind of growth life itself offers, completely independent from experiences in the past. This means: we’re not getting stronger despite having lived through a crisis but because we are living or have lived through it. With the crisis we expand our own toolbox and find our own solutions.

Cookie-cutter solutions are seldom a fit but there are three points that are always true:

  1. Empathy offers a good opportunity to create the space in which solutions can be found.
  2. A culture of not knowing is the best foundation for finding new paths.
  3. We can only heal if we connect with ourselves, the ones around us and nature.

Individuals as well as couples are welcome in my practice.

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