Healing Hands

Contributing to the healing process with one's hands has been common practice since the beginning of time - and it is only natural.

Everybody knows the initial reaction of touching an injured area immediately.

This has several natural causes:

  1. Research into the degree of the injury and its assessment.
  2. Promoting the release of messenger substances that promote the healing process.
  3. Pain relief.

Any treatment will be better if it is strengthened by touch. Consolation can be felt much better when it is combined with friendly contact.

Therapeutic touch goes beyond all these mechanisms, and yet the effect begins exactly with where every touch has its origin: with trust and well-being.

I prefer soft touch techniques because I usually experience them as more effective. Of course, I also apply the "harder" techniques, such as trigger point treatment, intensive tissue mobilisation, fascial relief or joint manipulation. However, experience has taught me that a gentle approach is often more sustainable.

Both osteopathy and manual therapy have an effect on tissue and joints. I am particularly fascinated by the work on the organ, i.e. visceral osteopathy.

This becomes understandable when one realizes that 80% of pain conditions are related to the organs and their suspensions rather than primarily to the muscular or joint structure.

In this way, the musculoskeletal system becomes an indicator for other disorders, which dissolve when the underlying cause is treated. Craniosacral therapy (CST) is not only an essential part of osteopathic training, but also of my approach. Different approaches, such as biodynamic CST or visionary CST, differ in the intensity, type and duration of the touch.

From all these techniques, I have developed my own form of therapy, which I call the Fluid System. Liquid is the medium where energy and matter meet. If you let the liquids do their work, the natural process of organizing themselves is stimulated to the best of their ability. Part of this effect can also have a psychodynamic quality, but should not be confused with psychotherapy: all work with the hands, all contact contains an energetic component. The electromagnetic radiation produced by every biological organism provides additional regulation. Therefore, I explicitly include the electromagnetic and energetic work in my therapeutic work.

You can find more information about my treatments on my practice page.

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