Violetta and the Stork -
The EBook Version
+Bonus Audio Track

in English

translated into English
including 11 Illustrations by Ignasi
+ audio about the creation of the story (in English)

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in German

mit 11 Illustrationen von Ignasi
+ Audiodatei über die Entstehung der Geschichte (kostenfreier Bonus)

9,90€, (inkl. MwSt.)

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Violetta and the Stork - Preview

What is resilience and what do you need it for? Is there anything more important? To get to design a creative process together is rare because one's own creations are like one's own children. Creativity in the making is often a lonely process. Only through the exchange with an audience or readers, one can find a way out of this loneliness.

This is how Violetta and the Stork was created:
My friendship with Ignasi Blanch began years ago. Then, I translated for Olivia Newton-John at an event that was about saving the rainforest. Ignasi asked me to translate him to her. I couldn't refuse and since then I've been sent many pictures by this gifted illustrator. That's how we became friends, without any further encounters, only through pictures and words - occasionally.

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