natural medicine

I bridge the gap between natural medicine and science.
I inspire to lead a holistic and conscious life.

MAONO - The Vision

MAONO is about exploring life visions - those of my clients and my own. I always followed my own visions, no matter how challenging they were. In the end it’s about authenticity on all levels.

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My Practice

My treatment connects alternative therapy with scientific methods. I accommodate to my patients' needs entirely. I practice minimally invasive and maximally effective.

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"I always view every person in entirety, because body and soul
can only be treated together."

About me

Since I am able to think consciously, I live the balance between science, ancient healing practices and spirituality. The boundaries between the two are fluid and I see myself as someone who bridges the gap.

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Recent Content

Rose-Colored Areas

About Rose-Colored Areas and Frameworks. A plea for something new that's easy to create in everyday life.

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Corona - A State of Fear

I am coming across the “corona panic” everywhere. Initially, I wanted to write an informative newsletter that clarifies things.

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"...damit leben lernen?"

...learning to live with it? This Blog Post exists in German only. You can find it here

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I invite you to explore

A good healer is a storyteller. If there’s a simple way to convey certain discoveries, I do it.
If not, it is translated into a short story, a poem, a fable or even a novel.

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