Mechthild Rex-Najuch

What is my goal? What's my motivation for writing? How do I want to live? In this short video, I answer these questions.

"Once I leave this earth, I want to be able to say: I have touched many people's lives."

Energetic Medicine & Consciousness

The medicine of the future will have to do without the separation of body and soul, energy and matter. Only if we succeed to reconnect with nature and ourselves, can the reorganisation mechanisms of our physical bodies fully evolve.
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Knowledge - Connections - Wisdom

Since I am able to think consciously, I live the balance between science, ancient healing practices and spirituality. This can also mean dealing with topics like consciousness and perception. The boundaries between the two are fluid and I see myself as someone who bridges this gap.

Author, Speaker,

One of my favorite visions is to be a writer. As a child it was part of my life vision and in my youth it became my secret passion. In my reality, all things are connected, so it’s not surprising when I say: everything I do, is mutually inspiring.

Mechthild Rex-Najuch

Healer, Lecturer, Speaker

I aspire to inspire people.
I want to connect and create a space for more self-sufficiency.
Let's create something together.

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Stories and More

Rose-Colored Areas

About Rose-Colored Areas and Frameworks. A plea for something new that's easy to create in everyday life.

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Corona - A State of Fear

I am coming across the “corona panic” everywhere. Initially, I wanted to write an informative newsletter that clarifies things.

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"...damit leben lernen?"

...learning to live with it? This Blog Post exists in German only. You can find it here

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