Energetic medicine and Consciousness

The medicine of the future will have to do without the separation of body and soul, energy and matter. Only if we succeed to reconnect with nature and ourselves, can the reorganisation mechanisms of our physical bodies fully evolve.

Our ancestors knew these things intuitively. Today, we want them explained and we doubt things that undoubtedly exist.

Physics, biology and chemistry - all those serve as means to explain the world. Neuroscience, epigenetics and the effect of our thoughts in all areas are not only the subject of research today but have been tested for centuries, albeit with different vocabulary. All of these domains have in common coherent areas that are universally effective.

Viewed in this way, the human body functions as the perfect antenna, which readjusts itself at the intersection of external fields and works in permanent coordination with itself and the environment.

No one will be surprised when they hear that consciousness creates fields and that a physical equivalent also emerges from them.

Our environment shapes us and we shape it. The further we stray from nature, the more unnatural we have to be.

The consequence of this idea is expressed in our behavior: we wear unnatural clothes, we don’t walk on natural ground anymore, we don’t walk barefoot anymore...just to name a few things.

If these natural circumstances become part of our well-being but our living conditions fail to represent them, we have to ask ourselves several questions:

  • How can we practice natural mechanisms in this environment?
  • Do we have to turn back time to heal as a society?
  • Can we live healthily in a modern way?
Some believe we need to change our perspective. I think we have to remember perspectives that fit into this set. Especially with the awareness that we are a group, we can have much more of an impact than any single person ever would.

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